Monday, February 11, 2008


Some of my racing friends are not exactly overwhelmed by Microsoft operating systems so every now and then I get the question about when Tracktimer will be available for Linux.
"It will never happen" is my usual answer.
But it appears that Tracktimer actually works in Linux with the help of Wine, I got this e-mail yesterday:

Greetings from Malaysia Torkel!

Just writing to let you know that your software seems to work flawlessly in linux (Ubuntu) using the latest version of "WINE".. I've been able to do timing, saving, etc... using the demo version, with ZERO problems.

-Mikko Nassi
To be more specific he runs Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)... and WINE
version 0.9.54.

Thanks for the research Mikko!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tracktimer v3.0.0.65 released

Time for a new version again, this time it is actually more of a bug fix release than a lot of new features...
v3.0.0.64 contained some very stupid changes from me that messed up the file names and the storage directory of the exported files. Check if you have some *.htm files in the Tracktimer directory, if so they are safe to delete. Thanks to Cedric Cornell for telling me about this error!

  • HTML file for setup created correctly in Exports directory
  • Changed to TAdvPicture when exporting tracks (possible to export gif again)
  • Doesn't remove backslash from track files during HTML export
  • Tire tag html export gets correct filename

New features:
  • Copies logotype image to Tracktimer directory
  • Added external link to part status items
  • Select from list of suppliers when exporting Part status report
  • Possible to sort part status report on supplier
  • Possible to include price/pcs column in Part status report
  • Number columns aligned to the right in Part status report
  • Progress window visible when exporting Part status
Update is automatic if you just start the current version of Tracktimer on a computer connected to internet. (Demo versions are not updated automatically, only Basic and Pro)

Now that the release is out I can concentrate on my bike! A new crank has to be put in and two sets of fairings have to be painted, when I have a design I like I will post tome pics here!