Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ups and downs

Racing is really up and down, during the race at GellerĂ¥sen last Saturday I took my first pole position (thank you!), did a really lousy start and did my first highside on the fifth lap from 5th place!
Now I just have to start practising my starting technique because it is really really bad...
Photographer: Berra Swenson

Monday, July 18, 2005

V3.0 is out!

Now I am finally done with v3.0! It took me more than two years since the last version was released to the public but now I feel that it is as ready as it ever will be.

I'm happy to introduce the Basic versions, they are less feature rich version of the Pro versions. You will not get any Maintenance functionality for instance and can only time one driver at a time. But they cost a fifth of the Pro versions. And if you decide to upgrade to a Pro version you will get the same amount back in rebate.

I have also included a number of flash tutorials at the Download page. In short: they rock! :)

So even though I didn't manage to release this early this spring as I had planned I hope you will like it in it's current form.

Enough of this, have a look for yourselves: http://www.tracktimer.com

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's looking promising!

I will try to go public with the new release this week including the new basic versions. What remains is to activate the new basic products at share-it and to add some new screen shots.
I have done four new tutorials and have about five more to do until I am satisfied. The tutorials are far better than any help file in the world to help newcomers understand how to work with the program.
Take a sneak peak at the ones I have made so far here.

Monday, July 04, 2005

v3.0.0.50 was necessary...

Ouch, maybe I shouldn't have made the power chart a window of its own, lots of problems has been detected due to this. In order to make that work I had to change the Dynobox window from a member variable to a common "auto created" window. Since this window now is created after the main form some functions did not work so well anymore...

First in v3.0.0.48 when the automatic opening of last session was attempted before the dyno box window existed and now in v3.0.0.49 when we try to convert from v2.0.x version before the dyno box dialog existed.
I moved all that code to after all windows have been created so now it works!

Since I raced this weekend myself (5th place and new personal lap record, wheee!) I found that long tire ID's could not be read when updating tire sets from a session so I fixed that one too.
Now I really hope I will not find anymore errors!