Saturday, May 15, 2004

Less is more

In theory the concept of having separate session and setup files are good. But in reality it is not very good. Since you remember a setup by the session it was used in it is easier to refer to a setup as "the one I used in the first qualifying session here last year" rather than "the setup named blablabla". Also if you use the same setup and the only thing that has changed is the mileage on the tires it feels rather stupid to create a new setup just because of this. Not to mention that without this connection session files can be moved around into subdirectories as you wish without having the dependency of a setup file to bother about.

Because of this the v3.0 will be a slightly different animal regarding setups:

  • When you prepare a setup for a coming session it will be saved as an Incomplete session, not as a setup

  • The definition of an incomplete session is a session without lap times

  • All incomplete sessions are stored separately, these can be seen at Sessions-Incomplete

  • When you enter lap times to an incomplete session it changes to a complete session

  • You can of course open only the setup part from any session, modify it and reuse it in another session, this has not changed

  • All your existing sessions are merged with their corresponding setup files and these setup files are removed

  • Part setups remain as before

And yes, it will now take me even longer to get the v3.0 out, sorry about this but I feel that the changes done are so important that they cannot wait.