Sunday, May 13, 2007


At last the next release is out, version!
This time Tracktimer comes in two new languages: Italian and Spanish! The demo version has also been slightly changed so you can save lap times for one driver and the session notes and track data. New algorithms for RAD and AD calculations have been implemented with courtesy if Mr Richard Shelquist, Shelquist Engineering.

Here is a list of all changes from the last public version



  • Wider jetting columns for less than 3 cylinders, fixed annoying narrow column with one cylinder

  • Fixed bug that made stock groups sometimes loos their stock property during update from session

  • Lap counter reset when reseting session

  • Only sorts maintenance log if date has been changed after edit of a row

  • Handles empty string for number of split times/lap

  • Shows a warning dialog if the supplier for an order status item doesn't exist in the list of suppliers when trying to edit it

  • Clears order grid before entering data into it in purchase order dialog


  • Added a button to associate a session with an onboard video recording

  • Demo version can now save session notes and track data

  • Datalogging button available for Basic versions too

  • Remembers directory for datalogging and onboard video import

  • Removed Open button from Datalogging dialog

  • Shows RAD or AD in list of completed sessions

  • Added links to order pages at share-it

  • Added warning dialogs for areas that the current version doesn't support

  • Removed way to show how basic mode looks like

  • Added possibility to choose between AD or RAD

  • Jetting Guru now handles 20 rows and can calculate jetting based on Rotax formula too

  • New algorithms for RAD/AD calculations from Richard Shelquist, Shelquist Engineering, Longmont, Colorado, USA

  • Shows correct decimals for speeds in Gearing page

  • Added way to calculate remaining volume of fuel based on weight of tank (or vehicle)

  • Add possibility to sort part status export on Storage

  • Added second sort order for part status export

  • Shows all parts that are in the Pro versions for both Basic and Demo versions with warning dialogs that these sections cannot be saved (only shown once per session)

  • Formats mileages for tire exports correctly

  • Indicates sort direction and order in the header columns

  • Ctrl-click sets third sort column in grids

  • Changed from Barometric pressure to Actual pressure

  • Changed Humidity to Rel. Humidity

  • Can import lap times from Bullet DVR logger

  • Added Spanish translation thanks to Cesar A. Guerrero Morente

  • Added Italian translation thanks to Fuser Francesco

  • Possible to delete more than one tire at the same time from the tire database

  • Deletes tire history correctly

  • No error message if a supplier is added and there is no sort column chosen

  • Remembers window state between program starts
All registered users will get the update automatically when starting Tracktimer on a computer connected to the Internet.

Have fun! :)