Thursday, November 22, 2007


I thought I had changed all image components but I hadn't... :(
So I had to make a new version that handles gif images for the car in the Weight distribution page for cars and karts.
Update by starting Tracktimer on a computer connected to Internet as usual.

Sorry for this

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tracktimer v3.0.0.63 released!

It's time again, a new release of Tracktimer!
This release contains many small changes that will make life easier for many of you. I would like to thank my "power user" George Vukmanovich for lots and lots of valuable input and discussions, the main reason for most of the changes in this release.

To update you just have to start your registered version of Tracktimer on a computer that is connected to the internet. If you have any problems just contact me.

A brand new feature is that you can now print tire tags directly to label paper.
It is now also possible to insert a row when entering lap times manually, just right-click on the grid.

Read on for the full list of changes:



  • Uses TAdvPicture instead of TGifImage
  • Print label dialog handles non-metric units
  • Filters filenames better for illegal tokens
  • Added Spanish, Italian, French and Swedish translations



  • Improved inspection export so parts that needs to be replaced are shown even if they don't need to be inspected
  • Uses 1 decimal for part status exports instead of "lots"
  • Possible to move multiple parts in part status
  • Added Suspension link for rear mc suspension
  • Added event name to Prepare session dialog
  • Tire compound history increased to 10 in tire dialog
  • New time format, added popup menu to insert a row, clears old lap times before import
  • Made session type an MRUcombobox
  • 4 decimals for AD, 2 for RAD
  • Part status handles multiselect for both edit, move and delete
  • Key F5 resorts active part status grid
  • Inspection reports shows items that need to be replaced too even if they don't need to be inspected
  • Selected tire remains selected in tire list even after editing/adding of history or other edits
  • Three decimals for tire mileage
  • New correct formatting of purchase orders (tested on A4 paper)
  • Page numbers in purchase order
  • Double-clicking a filled lap grid opens the edit dialog
  • Changed order of temp, rel humidity and absolute pressure
  • Changed "My position" to "Drivers position"
  • All jetting comboboxes now have a memory of 10 items
  • New time format 1:11.111, also handles 1.11.111 as before
  • Right click timing grid when entering lap times to insert a row
  • Can print tire tags to label paper
  • Added progressbar to splash screen
  • Added distance to each driver
  • Removed optimal lap time
  • Doesn't overwrite new tracktimer.ini after restore
  • Correct handling of final page break in purchase order
  • Purchase order price has 2 decimals
  • Tests if sorting is necessary before sorting
  • Added Needle clip pos to session comparision
  • Label printing now works as intended
  • Tire label dimensions now decimal values
  • Saves font name for tire labels

Monday, November 12, 2007

Video logger

The reason I added the possibility to connect an onboard video file for each session is the Bullet DVR. The Bullet DVR is a new robust video logger that also lap times and shows the lap times on screen when you look at the video. Mighty cool if you ask me!
I have been in contact with the constructor of this product to make sure that Tracktimer can both connect a video file to each session and also import the lap times.
Manufacturers site: Bullet DVR