Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I have a special gift this time, all the basic versions are now available for just 10 euros (+ VAT if applicable)!
I do this because I would like to see a really large user community which will help to market (marketing is HARD!) Tracktimer and hopefully a few of you will upgrade to the Pro version. I also do it because I am getting into the comfy Christmas mood with lots of "ho ho" and Swedish Christmas food! :)
We'll see what happens, I still think the basic versions are the most "bang for the buck" for anyones racing!

Happy racing

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Version Francaise


Time for a new release of Tracktimer, this time the main feature is that it has been translated to French thanks to Willy Nsiala!
I am also grateful to George Vukmanovich who has given me lots of good feedback, more improvements to come.
There are also numerous other small changes and improvements since


  • Better handling of old versions when reading orderstatus
  • New look for track export
  • Possible to delete source row when moving a part between two stock groups
  • Inspection report sorts on Location by default
  • Order status edit: Only writes received order date if the checkbox has been set
  • Order status edit: Enables the received date checkbox if several parts have the same received date
  • Order status edit: Fixed bug so that the remark edit control is enabled correctly

  • Enhanced purchase order export with page breaks, remark column, new column ordering, possible to hide price and shows phone number
  • Fixed display error for shaft drive
  • Correct update of track details when selecting a new track in New session dialog
  • Possible to upscale track maps to a fit a certain size when exporting tracks
  • Added import from 2D Datarecording data files
  • Parts are identified by location too as well as name and partno
  • Replaced fuel consumption number Litre/100*km with Km/litre
  • Update to Part Status dialog only shows if recieved qty > 0 when editing order items
  • Speeds for each gear and rpm are included in html export
  • Field Location is shown for all part status groups and also possible to sort by when making automatic purchase o rder
  • Fixed strange error message when trying to edit empty lap time grid
  • Added French translation

  • Faster edit of parts, no more unnecessary sorting
  • Shows speeds and rpm in html export
  • One more decimal for speeds and ratios
  • Fixed final gearing visibility problem
  • Location field always visible
  • Possible to sort part status reports on Location

Registered users should get an automatic update if Tracktimer is started on a computer connected to Internet, if not contact me and I will help you to upgrade.

Personally I have invested in a new bike for 2007, I will try to fit my 194 cm on a Honda RS125R racer! It will be very interesting and I will have full use of Tracktimer with this bike, it's a bit more sensitive than my former bike, the Aprilia RS250.

I also visited Valencia for the MotoGP finals where I met engineers from Team Toth Aprilia and Jeremy Burgess himself. Unfortunately the Burgess meeting was a short one on Sunday morning so I didn't have a chance to show him anything but he got a demo CD and we'll see what happens.

And by the way, the mysterious visitor I wrote about in the previous post has presented himself, it was Andy who used as home page! A very good idea by the way! :D