Saturday, March 19, 2005

v3.0.0.45 released

A number of improvements in this release:

* Added Storage Location to each Part Status item
* Added Price/pcs to each part Status item
* Removed purchase order stuff from Export Part Status dialog
* Added new Export Purchase Order buttons and dialog
* Added AllReceivedCheckBox to Update Order dialog
* Calls UpdatePartStatus and UpdateMaintenanceLog when clicking OK in Update Order dialog
* Handles update of multiple order items
* Added General Notes to main pagecontrol
* Separated ExportPurchaseOrder from Export Part Status
* Updates Gearing page if Engine data has been reloaded
* Uses last selected node for tire list view
* Cosmetic changes for Part Status page
* Added Purchase Order button to Part Status and Order Status
* Can import lap times from AIM Light Analyzer software

Only available for current customers and beta testers right now but I am slowly moving towards the final v3.0... :)