Monday, August 30, 2004


I noticed zero visitors for two days in a row. When I checked I had forgot to renew the domain name :-( But now it has been payed for so in a few hours the site should be up and running again.
No more news about Tracktimer unfortunately, August has been a very busy month "real world wise".

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Vacation is over

Now back home after four weeks of vacation. The first week was spent almost 100% on finishing the v3.0 for test but the other three weeks have been completely computer free but not racing free! I've been racing in GellerĂ¥sen (11th place...) and also practiced at the brand new track Gotland Ring. This track will be longer than Assen next year! Right now it's 3200 m long and is an extremely nice track, check out for more information.

I have received some e-mails with questions and bug finds from v3.0.0.33. I will answer all these in a few days and hopefully also have a new improved v3.0.0.34 ready soon.

This weekend I will go to Anderstorp and have a look at the European Championship in roadracing. I will also have a small stand to demonstrate Tracktimer, please stop by and say hello if you see me.