Friday, March 10, 2006

I got mail

Maybe not mail, more like a a box from with my T-shirt and two mugs! This turned out to be by far the most expensive T-shirt and mug I have ever bought... Base price for everything was $38. I can live with that, no problem. Then it was shipping to Sweden from USA, $15. And then the swedish customs added tax and toll to make it an extra 155 SEK or $20. So this T-shirt and two mugs cost me $73...
Bottom line, don't buy this if you don't live in USA!

The quality was good except for the small print on the frontside of the T-shirt, some bleeding colors there, a bit annoying...
Anyway, I now have proper mugs for coffe drinking in the pits this season, not too bad!

As for Tracktimer development I have released v3.0.0.53 to a chosen few testers. It has some small cosmetic fixes and also the opportunity to enter files and web sites in notes and get a clickable hyperlink. Good for linking to data either on you hard drive or on the internet.
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