Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Plans for v4.0

I just added import functionality from Motec exported files. So expect a new official release in about a week.

Then it's time to start working on v4.0...
My focus will now be on endurance racing in close cooperation with a swedish team that finished in second place in last years swedish endurance series.

There are three things that are of special interest:

  • Planning tool for the whole race with possibility to get new suggestions during the race
    This tool (or guru as I will probably call it :)) will take many things into consideration, for instance estimated lap times and fuel consumption rates for each driver in different conditions (day/night/wet/dry)

  • Live reading of lap times
    There is no way anyone can sit and press a button for 8 hours so this is crucial.

  • Possibility to have subsessions for a session
    During an endurance race you switch driver, tires, brakes, oil, suspension setup, just about everything! As of right now a session in Tracktimer is based on just one setup and one driver. In the future a session shall be able to hold any number of subsessions with more or less setup changes in each. This will also work well for normal practice when you take a short pitstop and change some detail but still don't want to call it a new session just because of that small change.
    When comparing sessions later I know there will be some complications but nothing that cannot be solved.

But my first priority is to get myself and my bike ready for a trip to Brno this easter for 4 days of roadracing practice. Yes, I am looking forward to that! Biaggis favourite track if I remember correctly.
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