Monday, July 04, 2005

v3.0.0.50 was necessary...

Ouch, maybe I shouldn't have made the power chart a window of its own, lots of problems has been detected due to this. In order to make that work I had to change the Dynobox window from a member variable to a common "auto created" window. Since this window now is created after the main form some functions did not work so well anymore...

First in v3.0.0.48 when the automatic opening of last session was attempted before the dyno box window existed and now in v3.0.0.49 when we try to convert from v2.0.x version before the dyno box dialog existed.
I moved all that code to after all windows have been created so now it works!

Since I raced this weekend myself (5th place and new personal lap record, wheee!) I found that long tire ID's could not be read when updating tire sets from a session so I fixed that one too.
Now I really hope I will not find anymore errors!
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