Monday, July 18, 2005

V3.0 is out!

Now I am finally done with v3.0! It took me more than two years since the last version was released to the public but now I feel that it is as ready as it ever will be.

I'm happy to introduce the Basic versions, they are less feature rich version of the Pro versions. You will not get any Maintenance functionality for instance and can only time one driver at a time. But they cost a fifth of the Pro versions. And if you decide to upgrade to a Pro version you will get the same amount back in rebate.

I have also included a number of flash tutorials at the Download page. In short: they rock! :)

So even though I didn't manage to release this early this spring as I had planned I hope you will like it in it's current form.

Enough of this, have a look for yourselves:
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