Thursday, November 06, 2003

Tracks in v3.0

In v3.0 it is possible to import tracks and my ambition is to have a bunch of tracks for each country downloadable as zipfiles from the Tracktimer site. The zipfiles are nothing but normal Tracks folders but named as "Scandinavian Tracks", "American Tracks" and so on.

The idea is to first download the desired zipfile, open it and by using the "Import Tracks" button in TT you are prompted to select the tracks.txt file in the "Scandinavian Tracks" folder (for instance). All tracks in that folder are listed with a small checkbox, those tracks you already have are also listed but the checkbox is disabled so they cannot be imported.
This way you can always get the latest track information complete with track maps, lengths, contact information and more.
New in v3.0 (when will I ever release this?) is that you can also link to (and watch) a movie file from for example an on-board lap for that track.
So if anyone has collected lots of track information and are willing to share that please zip the tracks-folder and e-mail it to me and I will make sure it gets published on the site.

Yesterday I also made the "multiple-session-comparision" function a lot faster, it's really good to run programs on r-e-a-l-l-y slow computers during developement! (my laptop is a Pentium 90 with 32 MB RAM...)
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