Sunday, November 02, 2003

Best laps

Added a new node in the completed sessions tree view. You can now see a list of the sessions with the best lap time for each track with filters on year, driver, frame and engine. It sounds more complicated than it is, but it is a quite nice feature anyway.

Also implemented the symmetric editing flag in the new car suspension layout.

Users that have created subdirectories for stored sessions and setups have not been able to see those in the Completed Sessions tab or to export statistics. Now Tracktimer looks "deep" in the directory structure so all these sessions/setups will be available for comparision, htmlexport, statistics and so on.

Reseller information has been sent out to all my Share-It customers, only two has responded so far though...
The good thing about this reseller idea is that if anyone asks you about the program you can simply tell them that a) it rocks and b) they can buy it online directly from your website! All orders made from your site will give you 20% commission so five orders and you have your money back!
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