Thursday, October 23, 2003

So, what's up with Tracktimer?

First of all I have been working hard to make it translatable by moving all static texts to resource strings. I have tried different translation tools and have decided to use dxgettext which works just great and is also free of charge.

I have also tried to remove a lot of the windows controls in the program to make it use less system resources, very important if you are running an OS older than Windows NT4.0. Also most input fields now have "memory" so you can choose from previously entered values in a "click-list".

The new basic versions are also working for all vehicle types. You can only have one setup for each track in these versions but that will hopefully be good enough for many users.

I have also added a very powerful tire database that more or less automatically updates your tires with number of laps, tracks, drivers and so on. Some more work remains here, like an "Update from database" button to get the latest mileage and circumference values to a new tire setup. This works if you reload the tire setup but I will also make a button to fix it faster.
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