Monday, October 27, 2003

Anyone interested in knowing about my long-term ideas concerning Tracktimer?

Sharing setup information
In the future when you buy a racebike/car/kart you will also get a backup of that users Tracktimer data. You don't own Tracktimer yet but by using the trial version you can look and use the data you just like you can with the full version apart from that you cannot save anything (except track data details).
Then later if you decide that you want to continue using Tracktimer you simply buy it.

All old customers are potential resellers
Now comes the next step, all former customers can act like resellers! (Provided that share-it agrees on it, nothing ready yet). By signing up as an author on share-it you will get an author ID and by using that ID in the link to the order pages all orders will be "marked" with your ID and you will automatically receive a 20% (not decided the exact percentage yet) provision that also is payed out to you automatically every month or when you reach a certain sum. Since most of my users are on a level of racing where a web site is more or less necessary this will be very easy to implement, just add a few links and it's done.

Svensk Bilprovning AB
The "Tracktimermobile" (or chaosmobile as I prefer to call it) were thoroughly "dissected" today by the Swedish "car testing facility", something we have to do each year. All went well, new brake pads has to be installed though...

Here are some pictures of the car in case anyone is curious... :-)
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