Monday, May 01, 2006

Anderstorp report

What a disaster...
I qualified in fifth place and did a perfect start, not very used to that! I was in second place into the first curve and after the looooooong straight I tried to outbrake the leader Anders Högberg but I was a bit too optimistic so I had to let him pass. It was very wet and since we are not allowed to use rain tyres the grip was almost non existent.

After 5 laps of 10 I had second place with the leader not very far ahead of me and the closest guy behind me about 20 seconds away. So it wasn't really a good idea to crash... :(
I was using just a little too much front brake into the first right hand curve called "Södra kurvan" and lost the front tire. We race on Dunlop D209GP come rain or shine and this time it was very wet. I didn't trust my tires one bit, lots of rear slides and eventually a big front slide too.
Anyway, I am quite happy with the race up until the crash and will try my best the next race on my home track the last weekend of May.

I used Tracktimer for all sessions (of course), check out the sessions export here! (A mix of swedish and english this time)

I worked some more on the next release this morning too, fixed a couple of small annoyances and introduced a "Clone tire" function that will make it a lot easier to use the tire database.
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