Sunday, June 26, 2005


A new beta (the last hopefully) released today at the usual place!

What's new:
* Uses a dialog to show powerchart on gearing page
* Final gear column wider
* Added tire history splitter
* Better export of tracks
* 3D-look to all tables
* When importing laptimes the date and time is set to the current date and time
* Added minutes when updating part status
* Possible to delete more than one part that is not in consecutive order
* Corrected confirmation message when a setup is opened from a session
* If we have zero items left of a part in the stock grid all specific data is cleared
* Remembers tire nodes better
* A part has to have a qty > 0 to be marked for inspection
* MergePartStatusRows handles various versions of zero better (0, 0.0, 0.000, '')
* When merging two parts the oldest date is used
* New program icon

I cannot think of any additions I would like to do in this version so if I don't get any error reports (or find any errors myself...) this will be the final v3.0 release.
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