Friday, November 12, 2004

Getting closer to Christmas...

Last week I released beta version to a few Swedish users to get some feedback. Fortunately Charles Wessman was one of them and he has pointed out a few errors in the car version and also made me add some nice new features.
The latest beta release is now v3.0.0.38 and what remains is essentially a more flexible way to create a purchase order.

I am also looking for translators, it is about 1300 strings to be translated and I need help with the following languages: Spanish, French, Finnish and Danish.
Translators salary will consist of a free license after the work is done! Please contact me at if you can assist (only the program shall be translated, the documentation will still be in english).
I already got German, Italian and Norwegian translators and I will start to feed them with data shortly so they can begin to work.
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